About me

Hi there! I’m Tim Leers, R&D and Machine Learning Engineer at Dataroots.

My work at dataroots is focused on end-to-end machine learning solution development for a diverse range of clients, and translating cutting-edge AI/ML to industry practice. I’m also a research psychologist.

On this blog, all writings and opinions are my own and are not associated nor reflect my employer. With this blog, I aim to be a open book, sharing my learnings, and hoping to make a positive ripple in the world as I tinker and build in my spare time.

I’m always open to opportunities for collaboration. Feel free to contact me on my LinkedIn, Twitter or email at

Journey from psychology to AI

My journey into AI started with the use of a Hopfield network to simulate Alzheimer’s disease impact on neural degeneration. Hopfield Neural Network Degeneration

I eventually worked at the brain & cognition lab on human & artificial intelligence, focused on visual learning applied to principles such as holistic processing in face detection. Faces

I also worked with the quantitative psychology lab, and focused on the development of tools for clinicians and researchers to do sample size estimation for complex time series models.

Example of an output for the sample size estimationExample of an output for the sample size estimation